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IBoostLOL is the Premier Boosting Website right now!

The IBoostLOL team first started boosting on forums (EpicNPC, Ownedcore, Etc) and as our clientele grew so did the necessity for a quality website. Now IBoostLOL is one of the most efficient and safest boosting websites available due to our commitment to slow organic growth and good hiring practices. All our boosters are carefully vetted and paid well which ensures a headache-free experience for all parties.

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  • LoL Wins Boosting
  • LoL Placement Matches
  • LoL Accounts
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Major Features

You will Benefit form these Features no Matter which Product you Buy!


Instant Setup

As soon as you made a Successful Payment via PayPal, your Order will be Activated Immediately and put into our queue. Our boosters will complete your order ASAP!


Professional Boosters

All our Boosters are professional players. We only hire the best of the best who are also responsible in taking care of your account or order!


24/7 Live-Chat Support

We are providing Highly Experienced Round-the-clock Support to All Customers without Exception! Simply email us or Contact us via our Chat Widget to reach our Team!


Money-Back Guarantee

We have a robust Refund Policy in Place, which means you will get Refunded if we fail to meet your expectations! We do not ask any Questions at Cancellation!


Transparent Boosting

You will be able to easily follow the progress of your order. We fetch your account statistics via the RIOT Api and make it available right in our Booster Panel!


Chat with Booster

After our booster accepts your Order you can start chatting with your Booster within our Booster Panel. This way you can specify your needs to the Booster at any time!

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Kind Words from our Valuable Customers!


I mostly bought stuff from these guys on Forums like EpicNPC.


Met them first on Ownedcore then started using this website! A+++.


I have been selling boosting through IBoostLOL before they were even known by this name. I hope we can do business!


Payment Options

Additonal Payment Options might be Available by Contacting our Support!

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