FAQ page

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1. Is my account safe during a boost?

We can assure you that only person who will ever have your account information is your booster. Nobody is able to steal your account if you have confirmed your accounts E-Mail. There is always a slight chance of ban, but it happens very rarely.

2. How does the boosting work?

It is really simple: the customer pays us to improve his/her account's rank on Ranked Solo/Duo game mode. After we receive your order, you will be directed to the booster in livechat. After the booster receives the account information he/she will start working on your order as fast as possible.

3. How do I track my boost?

You can always track your accounts progress either our panel once you logged in or on smurf accounts, or various websites like op.gg and lolking.

4. How do I Communicate with my booster?

Through the livechat from Boosting panel.

5. Can I watch my boosters games?

Yes. Either using a smurf account to spectate or then using op.gg's spectate live function, replays are also available.

6. Can I play duo with my league booster?

Only if you ordered to duo with your booster.

7. My account was banned due to your booster. How do I act?

If you can provide evidence, we will investigate it thoroughly and the booster will be punished. However we are not responsible for refunding your account.

8. What LoL servers do you boost for?

Currently we are only boosting in EU Nordic & East, EU West and Russian servers.

9. What happens if the booster loses during a boost?

Depending on the type of boost, If you ordered a x- amount of wins and booster loses a game, he/she is responsible of winning a game to make up for the loss.